Customer Letters

Steve-MadisonThis young man’s grandfather bought him his first Henry rifle. His name is Michael. He is 14. His grandfather’s name is Horst has three Henry rifles himself and is very happy.

Steve Madison Bullet stop Gun Shop Loves Park, IL

With the purchase of two more Henrys I will own nine Henry rifles and I think the safe will be full! Great to know a President who cares about America and Americans…..unlike the one living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….who wants to take our guns away from us.


Dan Betts

To you and your staff, twice I have needed to contact your company about parts or upgrades. Once for each rifle. And both times the phone was answered by polite, knowledgeable folks that took the time to listen to me ramble on and then figure out what I needed. It gets sent to me correctly and timely. This level of service is almost unheard of anymore, and to be honest quite refreshing. Thank you for the excellent service and the great products.

Kevin Sieders

Just purchased a Golden Boy from Cabela’s. A thing of beauty. Can’t make up my mind if I should shoot it or just admire the worksmanship. Made in America, just a show of what American labor can do it left alone. Keep up the good work.

Burchard Ranger Falmouth, ME

Ashcraft-familyAshcraft Family posing with four Henry Rifles. In the pictures are me, Michael Ashcraft (eldest), Matthew Ashcraft
(our 35 year old son), Mason Ashcraft (Matthew’s 10 year old son), and Lori Lynn Ashcraft (Matthew’s 8 year old daughter). The kids are our grand children of whom we are very proud and they are excellent shots with their Henry’s.

The history on the rifles are:
I purchased the Golden Boy before our grandson was born and promised our son and daughter the first grandson would get the Henry. Matthew and his wife accommodated us soon afterwards with our first grandson, Mason. He got the rifle. It is his pride and joy.

For some time I searched for a rifle for myself with little success until I contacted you and you promptly shipped a Big Boy in .45 Colt for which I am very grateful. Then I got a hankering for a .357/38 which still didn’t quench my hunger for more American made rifles from Henry. Later I acquired another Big Boy in .44 magnum and then my wife insisted on her own Henry in .22 caliber.

We are a Henry family and congratulate you on making such a fine firearm. We use ours daily on predators, home protection, and varmints. Very accurate and never fail to function.

Special Texas Ranger, retired Waco, TX

Riley-Welter1I am entirely too young to have a grandchild, and Riley is only one and a half, so he is too young for a rifle. However, timing is everything, and when I heard of the offer you made to have personalized serial numbers, I knew I had to buy him his first rifle.

I ordered a Golden Boy with his initials and birth date for the serial number. I don’t know how many years I will wait to present it to him, and it will remain unfired and new in the box until then, which, of course will drive me crazy. My girlfriend said I should have bought another for myself, and I may yet.

I would like to thank you and Bullet Stop Gun Shop for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the purchaser and gift giver of a family heirloom rifle.

David Welter


Picked up my Golden Boy at Bass Pro. It is wonderful! Want to thank you for your personal service. Have been bragging how great you guys were. Going to order the scope mount from Henry that goes on the Golden Boy. I am a very proud owner of a Henry Repeating Rifle. Love it. What a beautiful rifle. Something that can be passed down to next generation. Thank you for everything.

Mark Barnes

dan-bergtI wanted you to know that I couldn’t be more proud of this rifle, its beyond my expectations. This beautiful Golden Boy will most definitely be handed down to my son, 100 % guarantee. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do what you did. Even though I know I pestered you with things most presidents wouldn’t have time for. I am really blown away with how good this gun looks , plus its nice to have a story behind the gun, thanks Anthony.

Just want you all to know that I am extremely happy with my new Henry 45-70.What a fine shootin gun. I especially like the SN 000013. Now thats a keeper!!! I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year and I am looking forward to my next purchase.

Best regards,

Harvey Bane Harvey's Remodeling Inc.

matt-keenaI have been a fan of Henry rifles for some time now, thanks largely to your unmatched customer service. I just wanted to wish you and the entire Henry family a belated Happy New Year, and share a couple of pictures from a hunting trip I was on today. I live in, what is in my opinion, the most beautiful place on earth: Alaska. A friend and I decided to go check on another friend’s cabin. (We are all active duty army, and the cabin owner is currently stationed in Korea. I am on transition leave, thus the facial hair.) It was a perfect opportunity to get out the predator call and try our luck with the local predator population. My wife’s Henry Golden Boy in .17 HMR was selected for the trip. The first picture is of me and the Golden Boy, and the second contains my friend’s cabin, hiding in the brush and the highest point on the North American Continent in the background – Mt. McKinley, or “Denali” as Alaskans call it. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thank you for an excellent product, and excellent customer service.

Matt Keena