Customer Letters

Thank you for making a top quality AMERICAN rifle, I will have true enjoyment handing this unmatchable piece of American history to my grandson knowing he will have years of reliable good old fashion memory making times with his favorite rifle

Chet Anderson

Brandon-MeadowsMr. Anthony Imperato,

Here is a picture of Brandon with his rifle. Again we cannot thank you enough.

Stephanie Meadows

Kody-MillerI was fortunate to spend a few hours at the range with my son
yesterday. There are many things an “almost 19 year old”
could be doing that doesn’t involve his Father. I am blessed.
Since the purchase of my Golden Boy in 2006 many things have change. Kody has made a dramatic transformation into a man.

One think that has remained the same is our appreciation of your rifle. I had another gentleman with us yesterday that had never shot a Henry rifle. He was won over after emptying the first tube of .22’s. Everyone has the same reaction. Once again, thank your for a great product and customer service.

Attached are photos of Kody enjoying “our” Henry Rifle…


Ken & Kody Miller Lenoir City, TN


Just a note and picture to share. I had the opportunity to put approximately 30 rounds through the Big Boy at my brother?Äôs farm this past weekend. SWEET! Operation was smooth and easy?Ķ.very user friendly. I sighted it in at 50 yards and those groupings are tight. The Henry 44 mag Big Boy is a fine product.

Thanks so much.

MCI SGT. Tony Stewart Topeka, KS

Purchased Henry 22 about 2 months ago. Last weekend put a
Simmons 3 by 9 by 32 scope on it. I am amazed at the accuracy. Using cci’s subsonics I can consistedly shoot a pecan resting it on a cement block at 30 yds. I have had at least 5 22’s in the past 30 years and this is the best yet.

Douglas R. Ardis Sr.

After see reproductions of the original Henry rifle, I knew I wanted to have one. Last summer, I purchased a Henry in .22 caliber and knew I had to have another one. After receiving a performance award, I purchased the Big Boy in .357/38 Special. Both have the smoothest action I have ever felt on lever-action weapons and will be passed down to my grandchildren.

Thank you for making superior weapons.

Brad F. Gritton

john-k-myersIn 2005, 2006, My Dad, RR Myers NRA Endowment Life Member #000020857557, purchased a Henry Golden Boy, lever action .22 cal rifle #GB052987. His first grandson my nephew Seth 17 has actively shot 22 long distance and BPCR silhouette with him. Dad bought Seth’s first rifle a Winchester #67 bolt action, single shot when Seth was just two weeks old! However, that Golden Boy tops Seth “bucket list” of rifles to own !He knows that Grandpa has already willed that rifle to him but it’s not his yet!

Accordingly, I decided the first born of each of my two sons should have a Henry Golden Boy 22s. Both boys are enthusiastic hunters and target shooters Zachary, and Justin.

Dad ordered and delivered to me in July two Henry Golden Boys #273785 and #273916. See the enclosed photo of my first grandchild, Layton Dean Anderson, almost six months that day, with his Golden Boy #273785. How proud he looks!!! My younger son and wife have no children yet but the second rifle #273916 is ready for the first baby, boy or girl. Three Henrys, for three first born grandchildren.

For now both Golden Boys are secure in my gun safe, awaiting that first session of gun safety and target shooting. As you can see the Myers grandchildren own firearms and begin shooting at a tender age.

P.S. I might add that we inadvertently started something with that rifle order. The very next week after Dad picked up the Golden Boys, his dealer got five more! Cleaned out the distributor!


A proud grandfather,

John K. Myers Trenton, MO

Just want to say that i love your rifles. Thank you for taking pride in your products and having them made in the good old USA. Your customer service is great and your guns are just as good as any other.

God bless the USA.



At a reunion on the family farm in Iowa, Brian Smith teaches his 5 year old son Cory to shoot with the BSA Centennial Edition 22 long rifle. This was Cory’s first experience with a firearm and the first time the rifle had been shot.


Diane Smith

Dillon-TerrillHere is a photo of me i wanted to send to the owner of Henry firearms and to say thanks. Its LOADS of fun to hunt with my Dad and just to plink with the whole family. I told my Dad I wanted a rifle like John Wayne had when I was little (meaning a lever action). he got me a Henry 22.

Dillon Terrill