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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Jim-AleksaMany thanks to the Imperato family and all the employees of Henry Repeating Arms Company for the great rifles. Consecutive serial numbers helped to make it more of a special event. Our Henry Golden Boys in 17HMR will be with us forever. Attached is a picture of us accepting our rifles at Cabela?s in Dundee, Michigan.


Jim Aleksa

FlynnHello Henry Guns,

I’m 10 years old. Yesterday my dad and I went out to out door world and got your .22 long rifle- WE LOVE IT! I haven’t shot it yet, Thank you,

Young Henry Fan

Ron-CummingsDear Henry Rifles,

At 52 I needed a new hobby and took up shooting. I bought one of your Big Boy, 44magnum lever action rifles. No only is this rifle a total rush to shoot, but deadly accurate right out of the box. All my buddies try and out shoot me with their AR’s with red dot sights, but the Henry with iron sights alone shows em up every time! At 100 yards I pick off tennis balls of the top of a bottle no problem. The balance of the weapon seems to hold it right on target, and once you line up your target and let that magnum rip, the target vansihes! I then bought one of your .22 caliber survival rifles for nothing more than the “cool factor!” my only problem is…where do I go from here!, The Bog Boy is hard to beat!

One Happy American!

Ron Cummings Tustin, CA

Mr. Imperato

I recently purchased my second Henry rifle in less than 12 months. My first was a Big Boy in .357 Magnum last summer, and just the other day I bought a Golden Boy in .22 LR.
I am very impressed with both of these guns! The actions are smooth, they shoot great and they are Beautiful! Yes I paid a little more for the Henry’s but they are made here in the United States and are worth every penny! I would recommend a Henry to anyone who wants a fine firearm that they can pass down to their children. I am still looking at your catalog trying to justify yet another one.

Thank You for making such a fine product and for making them here in the U.S.

Bill Walter

Todd-TraceyPlease find enclosed photos of my grandson Todd with his Henry Mares Leg 45C. He took it to the quarry to shoot. Wow! What fun ! He said it was the best gift he had ever received. I have one more grandson to go get a Henry for. He will be old enough next February. Its been great fun and exciting purchasing Henrys for my family ! Made in America or Not Made At All is what sold me.


Linda Tracey Rockford, IL

Just want to let you know how much my 13 year son and I love our lever action 22 rifle. Our friends with other 22’s are jealous and wish they had bought one instead. My brother just bought a Ruger, but after shooting mine he’ll probably be your next customer. My friend also had a Ruger 22 and after shooting the Henry he put his away and wouldn’t shoot it any more. Thanks for making such a beautiful and excellent rifle for my son and I to enjoy together,

Larry Calder


The photo shows the five personalized Golden Boys we got for this past Christmas. Hard to believe that the weather was nice enough to shoot on Christmas Day. We plan on having a special Henry shoot and cook-out every summer with our Golden Boys and a weekend spending time together. The picture shows from left to right my three sons: Andy, Jason, Josh, my picture Gary and my brother Bob. We sure enjoy the rifles and look forward to the memories of the special yearly Henry shooting weekends.


Gary Lake



My name is Ken Flanagan. I had the opportunity to meet you at both the Charlotte and Pittsburgh NRA National Meetings. You might remember our ?group? from attached pictures. My daughter was able to join us on Saturday at Pittsburgh, and she was able to meet you then. At the time I told you that she would be graduating from college as a Doctor in 2012. I told you that I was going to give her an engraved Golden Boy for that occasion. You told me not to buy a Golden Boy and go through normal procedure but to contact you directly and that you would do ?something special? for her rifle. You mentioned putting a special serial number. Anything you would be willing to do, I would appreciate. If that option is still open, I would like to take you up on the offer. I understand that you are probably extremely busy right now getting ready for the NRA Convention in St. Louis. Even though she will be graduating in May, time is not a critical factor. I would present the rifle to her whenever I was able to receive it.

I have attached several pictures taken in Pittsburgh. The group picture shows all of us. We all are Henry owners and are all now NRA Life members. The young couple on your left (Heather and AC Ladriere) are now new parents and their daughter Nicole is already a Life member. (I?m the one in the red shirt and my wife Kay in front of me) The second picture is you and my daughter. In May she will be Dr. Krista Flanagan, P.T. If we are able to do something special for her, I would need to know how to go about this. I am not sure how you ship rifles from the factory or if it would have to go through a distributor. I have a local FFL shop that it could be shipped to. I could provide all of that information.

Thank you for all of your support of the NRA and all of your sponsorship of the outdoor programs I enjoy on TV. I currently own a Golden Boy and a Big Boy .45 Colt and I?m not done there. When one of my children change my status to grandfather, there will be an Acu-Bolt .22 waiting for that grandchild to learn with. Thank you for a fantastic quality product. Thank you in advance for anything you are able to do for Krista.

See you in St. Louis,

Ken Flanagan

Keven-NewtonI thought you might find this amusing…

I showed up at a Cowboy Rifle-Pistol Cartridge Silhouette shoot at our local Concord, CA range this Sunday with my Henry Big Boy .357. I took a little flack from the Good Ol’ Guys for shooting such a “pretty” gun. The jokers thoughts were that “pretty” guns are not good for silhouette shoots, only boring looking Marlin’s and Winchesters can hit a lot of silhouettes. I let them laugh. I ended up winning the match shooting 29 out of 40 Silhouettes at 100, 75, 50 40 meters, Off-Hand with the original steel sites. The “pretty” gun got the last laugh.

Kevin Newton Concord, CA

Brooke-HelfenbaumDear Mr. Imperato,

Thank you. I am 12 and just got my H001T Frontier and it is so AWESOME! It is really, really beautiful.. I am proud to have the Henry as my first rifle. I can’t wait to get to the range and start hitting targets.


Brooke Helfenbaum