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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters


you have made one of the best rifles in the world as far as i’m concerned. my H001 is a “shooter” and i’v put about a thousand rounds through it without a single problem. all i do is clean as the book says and go to bed happy that this AMERICAN made product is as good as advertised . keep up the good work and “hurrah for HENRY”

Age 78 And Still Shooting.

Warner Brooksbank Lake Forest Park, WA

Dear Mr. Imperato, the Henry Craftsman & the Henry crew;

I just purchased my first (but not the last) Henry Rifle, model: H001T yesterday at the Bass Pro Shop in Foxborough Massachusetts. Right away I could tell how well made this rifle is! It’s Rock-solid, has a very smooth action, beautiful woodwork and impressive bluing. This is an amazing product for the money! I’m also thrilled to buy something, of such quality, fully manufactured in the USA.

Thank you for maintaining such high standards with such great American-made craftsmanship. Very,very impressive.

Best Wishes for you future success,

Don Driscoll North Grafton, MA

Hello, I just purchased a Henry Golden Boy 17hmr for myself as a birthday present. I had always heard about the golden boy rifle but never shot one. Everyone I asked told me that they were great rifles and that I should definitely purchase one. I must say I broke the speed limit when I was trying to get home because I was extremely excited to shoot it. What I love about the rifle is that it is remarkably beautiful and it shoots great!! I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m debating purchasing a big boy now!! Thanks for making such a great all-american made rifle. I will keep my Golden Boy for my life time and pass it on to my children. Thanks again!!


Shane G. Ohio


Just wanted to send you a picture of my sister with her new Henry .22 magnum. I also have a .22 magnum and a 30 30 and I love them both. My Dad is a Vietnam veteran and loves Henry Rifles, He has a .22 magnum and a 45 Big Boy. My brother has a .22 magnum and says its by far the best shooting rifle he has ever owned. My uncle has so many henrys that I am not really sure exactly what he has, I know he has the 30 30, .45, .44 magnum, .357 magnum, two .22 magnums, and 2 .22 LR’s. I hope to get us all together one day and get a picture with all of us holding our henrys to send to you. Keep up the good work.

David Ferrell Big Rock, VA

My Henry .22 is one of the finest .22 lever actions I’ve ever had at an incredibly reasonable price. The action is as slick as a greased pole, and it is one very accurate rifle. I’m on my second Henry, because a close friend admired my first one so much that I gave it to him and then went and bought another.

Brian Honekman Middleburg, FL


Dear Mr. Anthony Imperato,

Yesterday I took my two daughters to our Sportsman’s Warehouse to look for a .22 rifle for the oldest one. While we were looking at different models (of other brands) I asked if I could see a Henry.

A year or so ago I had seen a TV spot about your rifles and your company philosophy. That sparked my interest and I even ordered a catalog and went to your website and watched all the videos you have posted there. Just listening to you speak (on RFD-TV) made me want to own a Henry rifle. You are so passionate about your guns and our country that I just loved listening to you. (You really should have a show of your own!)

Please don’t be offended by this but your accent reminds me of Chuck Schumer speaking. Except I can’t stand listening to him and I love listening to you! It’s refreshing to hear that accent saying things that I agree with for a change. Please believe me no offense is intended in comparing you with him. I shouldn’t have even done it. Please forgive me.

So… I was handed a beautiful walnut stock on a Henry Lever Action .22 rifle. I was amazed by the beauty and fine finish on the wood. I remembered from your RFD-TV appearance that the walnut wood came from (among other states) Missouri the state I grew up in. I remembered you detailing how different parts of the gun came from different states and that all of it is made in America. These were the reasons that you gave to make me want to own a Henry firearm.

As I stood there working the action and inspecting the excellent quality one of my daughters stepped back away from the counter and started talking on her cellphone. She soon returned and said, “Daddy I think you should have that rifle for Christmas! I’ve already talked to mom and she’s okay with it.” Well to make this long story short I am now the PROUD owner of this fine American made firearm (Serial # 561053H). I appreciate my daughters and my wife for many things and I appreciate this gift from them this year (a little early) for Christmas.

Thank you for producing this fine firearm and for the quality you put into it. Thank you for your attention to detail. Thank you for your contribution to our way of life and your love for our country in operating an American company. Keep up the great work!

Thank you again! And by the way, we did leave the store with a .22 for my daughter as well.

Jon Robertson Collegedale, TN

I have three (3) Henry rifles now and have no intention to stop at three. Your rifles are top quality and should be the example for other American companies to follow, not only in the firearms industry, but in all companies. There are very few products made in the USA that match the quality from other countries, but Henry is definitely the exception. Also your customer service is unsurpassed and is the model for others to follow. Thank you for what you do and please continue to maintain your high product standards and superior customer service.

Mack Adams Terre Haute, IN


Thank you, we are thrilled that Zanders first gun is a Henry. This is the start of lifetime of hunting and shooting enjoyment. Thanks again and hope to see you again next year at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Stephen N. Johnson Cheyenne, WY


Just bought my new 22 lever action and I must say it’s the best gun I’ve ever owned. The quality is second to none. I’m proud to say I own a Henry, the rifle made in America by Americans. Thank you for continuing the tradition.

Donald Meeks


On Dec 3, 2011, my son John A. Tarpoff II and Natalie Walther were married at Texas Old Towne in Kyle, texas. We wanted to give something unique as groomsmen gifts – and decided on rifles. After careful consideration, we stepped up and chose Henry 44 mag Lever Action Big Boy Rifles. They were the hit of the evening – in Texas where they appreciate a quality firearm. We can’t thank Anthony Imperato enough for making it happen.


John A. Tarpoff Niman Ranch Inc. Vice- President of Beef

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato