Customer Letters

Dear Henry Rifles,

At 52 I needed a new hobby and took up shooting. I bought one of your Big Boy, 44magnum level action rifles. No only is this rifle a total rush to shoot, but deadly accurate right out of the box. All my buddies try and out shoot me with their AR’s with red dot sights, but the Henry with iron sights allone shows em up every time! At 100 yards I pick off tennis balls of the top of a bottle no problem. The balance of the weapon seems to hold it right on target, and once you line up your target and let that magnum rip, the target vansihes! I then bought one of your .22 caliber survival rifles for nothing more than the “cool factor!” my only problem is…where do I go from here!, The Big Boy is hard to beat!

One Happy American!

Ron C.

I purchased (7) Lever Youth .22 rifles as Christmas Gifts for my grand kids and had their names engraved on each one from their Grand Paw. The grand kids hunt and shoot every time they get the chance. The grand kids have put 1000?s of rounds thru these guns with no problems.Thanks for making a fine 22 rifle and making this Grand Paws hunting times even better.

Have you ever seen 7 kids on the front porch of a cabin empty their lever youth .22 rifles at the same time? Oh, it?s a great sound, so much fun with my grand kids. I will soon have a 4th Great Grand Baby, (hope mom and dad like Henry’s for Christmas)

Bob Hester Eagle River, AK

Mr. Imperato,

I just purchased a new Henry H0001 and I felt very compelled to write you a letter of thanks. Not only is this rifle an absolute beauty it’s an unsurpassed example of top quality craftsmanship! The fact that it’s made in America of 100% American materials is sincerely gratifying! The fit and finish is flawless and sets a very high standard in the arms industry that I’ve not seen equaled by any other manufacturer. The lever action is like velvet and the accuracy right out of the box is amazing. My Henry shoots such tight groups it makes me look like a competitive shooter (which I’m not)! All this at a price that’s very affordable.

I’m very proud of my new Henry, and even more proud to know that you and your talented staff of employees and craftsmen are brilliant examples of what “Made in America” genuinely is. You’re creating modern day legendary quality rifles that anyone can afford. Please know that while this may be my first Henry it will NOT be my last. The collection has just started for me!

Attached please find a photo of my Henry and myself, and my backyard range. The grouping you see on the target was from 50″ with only one slight rear site adjustment right after it came out of the box. Please feel free to post it if you wish.

Thank you for making such a high quality rifle right here in America!


Joe Koltcz Brown County, IN


Howdy…Steve Williams here, I had e-mailed you from your site link earlier telling you how pleased that I am with my .22 Mares Leg. I found this e-mail address for you on the Henry Rifle forum at rimfirecentral and thought that I would send you a couple of the pictures that I have of the first 10 shots fired through my Mares Leg. It was rapid fire and I had no idea what kind of group that I was getting until the last shot…I was focused on sight picture and target alignment and speed of action. I was quite pleased…

Thanks again for making such a wonderful gun. My late father and I watched the old Westerns together when I was a boy and Steve McQueen’s Mares Leg and Chuck Conner’s Winchester were both of our favorite TV cowboy weapons. On a similar note, I believe that I saw on your RFD-TV appearance that you utilize equipment that was used to manufacture the M-1 Carbine? If that’s so, my father carried an M-1 carbine during WWII as a Forward Artillery Observer in the US Army…carried it from Normandy (Omaha Beach) through the Battle of the Bulge and clear to the end. Another touch of America…I love my Henry!

Thank you and God bless,

Steve Williams

I just wanted to say how proud I am of your company to remain making your product in America. Other companies have sold their souls overseas to save a few bucks on the balance sheet. I purchased your Frontier rifle several months ago and the quality is remarkable. Being a retired policeman, I have handled many weapons in my career, and yours is one of the best on the market. The best part is keeping Americans at work here to make your product line. I commend your efforts and endorse your product to everyone I can. Your a shining example of a true American business that so many other companies need to copy. Thanks again.


James Hosler

Dan-Dalton-StevensMr. Imperato,

This is my grandson Dalton & I with his new Henry Golden Boy which I had personalized for him. I presented it to him on my 65th birthday. Dalton said this rifle is awesome.

We want to thank you and your staff for a beautiful rifle.

Dan Stevens

My oldest son just received a .22 cal Henry Lever Action Rifle for Christmas from his grandfather.  Having grown up with a Ruger 10/22 all my life, I was surprised at the weight and balance of the Henry Lever Action.  My father-in-law stated that he had a Henry .22 Magnum Rifle and wanted to get one for his grandson.  We spent the last few days shooting, and I just wanted to say that this little gun has the smoothest action of any rifle I have ever shot.  We tore through about 300 rounds over the past couple of days and the Henry kept coming back for more.  And I get to teach my son the responsibility of cleaning the gun after each use (with a Hoppe’s 9 Kit).  I am interested at looking at the other calibers and hope to make a purchase on a new Henry Rifle this coming 2009 year.

Take care,

Jay D. Smith Fort Worth, TX


We at Dunlap’s would just like to thank you again for going to the extremes to help us make our Henry Coal Miner Tribute event a great success and the biggest day we have had in 29 years of business. Also we would like to thank you and your staff for keeping Henry Repeating Arms rifles made in the USA. Keep up the great work! We sold all 60 Coal Miner Tribute rifles we had in stock, many of which to be treasured family heirlooms and memorials, and even oversold by eight. Thanks again from all of us at Dunlap Guns!

Mark Dunlap

JeffJust wanted to send you note that I picked up my new Goldenboy 22lr today, and I love it ! I already own the Frontier model 22lr. I have owned a lot of 22s over my 49 years, and as far as I am concern you make the BEST.




I just had a custom Gun Board made for my Henry Big Boy .45 Colt (put on two (2) single action revolvers to keep it company) and have it displayed over the fireplace. I’ve attached a photo. Love my Henry!!!!!!


Bill Prescott