Customer Letters

I wish more people ran there business like they do at Henry Repeating Arms.. I don’t know of to many company Presidents who respond to E-Mail Messages themselves. Not only that, he even responds on a Sunday.. There is a lot to be said for that.

Thank you,

David J Sawicki Edinboro, PA


You are what we all in business strive/hope/dream to be; a corporate leader who leads instead of being lead by establishment’s political correctness hoopla.

It’s your vision/passion that sets you apart from the rest (please don’t change a thing). My promise to you is that “I will go out of my way to buy your product because of this direction you have taken your company.”

“Henry rifles will be made in America, or they won’t be made at all”. That gives me goose bumps just penning your words.

You are a true patriot Anthony; thank you for your service …that’s right your service to this fine country we live in. Just as Americans have fought on the battle ground for our freedoms we enjoy today, you are fighting against the established forces to globalize our great homeland’s economic might. I only hope other companies will join you in this fight for our American economic freedoms.

To do my part, I’m planning to buy my first Henry this summer, and I’ll assure you it want be my last. I am buying the Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model in 22. My daughter (33) has asked me to take her shooting. We have never been shooting before. Our lives have drifted us apart, and I cannot think of a more exciting family event than for me to teach my daughter to shoot a real American legend. It will be (I’m sure) a lifelong memorable event we will cherish forever.

Thank you for your service to this great land and May God Bless You and Your Company Sir,

John S. Lawson Powder Springs, GA


Mr. Imperato,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh. My son loves his Golden Boy and it was a thrill for him to talk to you.

Please keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Tom Pudliner Johnstown, PA

Before I retired, I frequently lectured on quality. If I were still lecturing today, Henry would be a positive example of quality and value. Please thank your staff for disproving the “popular belief” that America has lost its pride in craftsmanship and commitment to quality. If firearms manufacturers could be included in the competition for the Deming Prize, Henry would be the top contender.


John Herlihy

As the owner of several Henry rifles, I can attest to the quality of them. I have 4 Golden Boys and 2 blue 22’s. I really enjoy owning them and showing them off.

Richard Hines South Charleston, OH

Mr. Imperato:,

I just received my second Henry Repeating rifle today, my second purchase in less than 3 weeks. What a thrill to hold this beautiful piece of American workman ship. I have owned well over 100 guns in my 65 years, no other gun can compare to the beauty and skilled craftsman ship of these fine rifles. Please pass on to your workers my thanks for their dedication.

Thank you again for providing gun owners with such high quality firearms, made in America by American workers.

Best regards,

Ross Lockhart Kodak, TN

Mr. Imperato,

I was in the marker for a .22 rifle for planking and after watching you on the video (RFD-TV) talk about the Henry riles and how the rifles were build, I had to buy one. I must say I was fixed on buying a Henry ONLY after listening to you describe the quality and USA only parts built Rifles.

After buying one I was amazed at the quality, beauty and how majestic the rifle is, WOW!! At the gun range I was like a kid in the candy shop grinning ear to ear as I loaded and shot for the first time this (my!!) amazing rifle. What an amazing shooting rifle, it was all I hoped for and more!

Thanks for the quality and patriotism!!


Dave Chapa Cypress, TX


Thank you for the extraordinary effort on your behalf to coordinate the chain of events culminating in an evening this grateful veteran will not soon forget. My family and I were overwhelmed with the reception we received, the comments and presentation of the Henry rifle and mostly with the response from the crowd. As a Vietnam veteran returning to the US in 1969, I was told to change into civilian clothes and I was flown into a small airport stateside to avoid the hostile crowds that were usually present in the larger airports. To have the gratitude and appreciation of so many people in recognition of my service to my country was a very moving experience.

Thank you for making it all happen.



MSgt. Montfred M. Liknes (USAF Retired) Langford, SD


Dear Mr. Imperato,

It was a pleasure meeting you recently at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and strongly believe in the right to bear arms.

I currently own 11 Henry Rifles with plans to purchase again in the near future. I have attached a photo of the rifles I own. I am especially proud of the fact that Henry Rifles are made in the USA and are of the highest quality.

I appreciate you taking the time to discuss your company and my interest in your company.

Thank you,

Alan Adkins

Mr. Imperato, I just wanted to write and say I just purchased a Lever action 22 and just love it. it shoots fantastic and is very accurate. I have not owned a rifle before so the lever action was my choice. I am extremely greatful for a beautiful work of art you and your folks produce. when I can afford to purchase another rifle I plan on getting a Golden Buy. The stock and the fine finish work on it remind me of fine furniture found in the best shops. I am so glad I bought the Henry over the other brands out there. Once again beautiful pieces of workmanship. Thanks so much.

Al Mausser Friendsville, TN