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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

I just recently purchased an H001 22LR classic leveraction rifle and it is one of the most accurate and smoothest rifle i have ever shot. Right out of the box i new this rifle was made with pride and quality craftsmanship. I am so impressed with this rifle i am already looking into purchasing a H001V Varmint express 17 HMR with in a week or two. Thank you for assembling and keeping your products in the USA.

Daniel Reed Hampstead, MD

I have owned two of your rifles now for about 10 years, and I cant thank you guys enough for making the best rifles in the world. I have a .44 mag Big Boy and a .22 mag Golden Boy. And I will buy the new .30-.30 as soon as the work picks up. But until then I will enjoy the hell out fo the ones I have. Thank You.

Robert Ray Portland, OR

I just bought a Henry lever action 22. Its the best 22 I ever owned period. Thanks for keeping it American.!!!!

Barry Massingill Griffithville, AR

lenny-curcioThis is 7 year old, Leonard Curcio IV, posed with his Henry Golden Boy rifle, which he uses in actual cowboy action shooting matches. Leonard is a member of SASS and his respect, knowledge and understanding for America’s legendary firearms is astonishing for his age.

Leonard Curcio Campbell Hall, NY

I am hooked on Henry rifles. I have just purchased my third Henry rifle, but certain will not be my last. I love my Henry rifles. I have never fired a weapon with such smooth accurate action until I discovered the Henry rifle; and I have shot a lot of weapons. Thank you for your continued loyalty to being American Made and American Proud. It is companies like yours that continue to help America be the best country in the world.

Thanks again and GOD Bless.

JD Fail Louisiana

Hello Anthony,

I hope you and your family along with everyone at Henry had a nice Christmas and holiday Season. Attached is the photo of myself, wife and son with our Henry rifles. This is my sons first rifle as well as Rhonda’s first rifle and my first Henry.

We will put Hayden’s Mini Bolt .22 up for a few years until he is ready. Rhonda loves her Golden Boy Youth. She was so surprised when she opened it. She thought that I had only bought a rifle for myself and Hayden. She is so proud!!

Of course I have the Big Boy .44. It is a lot of fun to shoot. Thanks so much for the advice. Has to be one of the smoothest and well balanced rifles I have fired.

We are extremely happy with our Christmas presents and everyone who has seen them is so jealous!!

Thanks so much for making such a fine product.


Darryl English Sophia, NC


Hi Friends:

I just wanted to share with you all the fun I am having here at my home. The pictures can tell you better than my words. My daughters, sons and grandchildren always ask to shoot the Henry when they come for a visit.

Thank You for such wonderful equipment we all have such a great time together. What neat memories.

P.S. I have 9 sons and 5 daughters. They and their family’s all love to shoot. The spouses that never thought much of shooting are now the ones I have to furnish the most ammunition to. I love it and I wish my dad was here to enjoy .

Jude Fleshman and family

I now own two Henrys, I’m sure there will more in the future!

I own other rifles, but the Henry has them beat. It’s just got a great quality feel and is is the smoothest i’ve ever seen.

I let a friend use it at the range last week and now he wants one!

Ed Skellham Vernon, NY

Dear Anthony and everyone at Henry Repeating,

Growing up I had a deal with my parents that if I earned four semesters of straight A’s I would receive a rifle of my choosing. I had three of the four within a year and it took me almost a decade to get the fourth. (I always managed to get one B) This Christmas I was finally able to pick out my rifle. I had seen a golden boy at a local shop a year or two ago and the image stuck in my mind. The day I got the gun my was filled with exclamations of “it’s about time” and “took you long enough”. After firing the gun for the first time however I knew that this wonderful rifle was more than worth the wait. Not only is it the nicest firing of the nine rifles in the house, it is by far the best looking. Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Eddie Kish Hardwick, VT

As a consumer it’s is increasingly rare to be satisfied with a product that you purchase. More times than not, we are disappointed with the quality and value of the products we buy. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and your company on a job well done. I purchased a Henry .22 caliber rifle as a Christmas gift for my 12 year old son. I am an avid hunter and shooter and own many firearms, but this was my first experience with a Henry Rifle. I was so impressed with the quality and value of this beautiful rifle, and my son is absolutely thrilled with the gun. Thank you for such a great American made product. You should be very proud!

Mike Turney Newton, NC

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato