Customer Letters


Hi Friends:

I just wanted to share with you all the fun I am having here at my home. The pictures can tell you better than my words. My daughters, sons and grandchildren always ask to shoot the Henry when they come for a visit.

Thank You for such wonderful equipment we all have such a great time together. What neat memories.

P.S. I have 9 sons and 5 daughters. They and their family’s all love to shoot. The spouses that never thought much of shooting are now the ones I have to furnish the most ammunition to. I love it and I wish my dad was here to enjoy .

Jude Fleshman and family

I now own two Henrys, I’m sure there will more in the future!

I own other rifles, but the Henry has them beat. It’s just got a great quality feel and is is the smoothest i’ve ever seen.

I let a friend use it at the range last week and now he wants one!

Ed Skellham Vernon, NY

Dear Anthony and everyone at Henry Repeating,

Growing up I had a deal with my parents that if I earned four semesters of straight A’s I would receive a rifle of my choosing. I had three of the four within a year and it took me almost a decade to get the fourth. (I always managed to get one B) This Christmas I was finally able to pick out my rifle. I had seen a golden boy at a local shop a year or two ago and the image stuck in my mind. The day I got the gun my was filled with exclamations of “it’s about time” and “took you long enough”. After firing the gun for the first time however I knew that this wonderful rifle was more than worth the wait. Not only is it the nicest firing of the nine rifles in the house, it is by far the best looking. Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Eddie Kish Hardwick, VT

As a consumer it’s is increasingly rare to be satisfied with a product that you purchase. More times than not, we are disappointed with the quality and value of the products we buy. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and your company on a job well done. I purchased a Henry .22 caliber rifle as a Christmas gift for my 12 year old son. I am an avid hunter and shooter and own many firearms, but this was my first experience with a Henry Rifle. I was so impressed with the quality and value of this beautiful rifle, and my son is absolutely thrilled with the gun. Thank you for such a great American made product. You should be very proud!

Mike Turney Newton, NC

Over 12,000 rounds fired with my Henry Carbine for targeting and varmint, couldn’t be happier !

Happy Holidays to all !


Tom Fikaa Baldwin, NY

I just bought a Henry Big Boy in 44 cal and it is a work of art. I am an avid Harley Davidson rider and your fine rifle reminds me of the Harleys I have owned over the years, American made, well-engineered and solid as a rock. Your gun is so damn pretty, I might have to buy a second one, one to shoot and one to look at.

Best regards

Dean Kelly

Here ya go, Anthony. The target below was at 50 yards right out of the box using .44 mag ammo 240 gr jacketed soft points!!joe-turner

Joe Turner Ponder, TX

My first gun was a Marlin 39A lever action.I recently purchased a Henry Golden Boy. The stock is beautiful,the brass receiver and butt plate really add a wonderful touch,and the trigger pull is amazing!!I have an extensive collection of guns[AR’s;AK’s;SSG;Sigs;Kimbers;Remmington 12c;etc.]I think this may well become my favorite!!

Nate Amster Plano, TX

I would like to praise you all at Henry for your outsanding AR-7 rifle!!!

I am so impressed with this little thing! You have a customer for life!

Look forward to my next Henry purchase!

Not to mention, that you all have Incredible Customer Service!

Jim Degaetano Clarksville, TN


Mr. Imperato,

Here are three pictures taken the evening I gave the boys their rifles. The young man on the right is Chad Sullivan. He is 27 and the first to be an Eagle. The young man next to him is his brother Eric Sullivan he was second to become an Eagle. He is 24.The young man on the far left is theri cousin Jake Brewer. He is 22. They were all 18 when they became Eagle Scouts. The first Picture is when they first knew what they were getting. The second picture was taken a few minutes later, notice the smiles. The third picture was a little later. The family wanted me in the picture. I wish I had been dressed better. The evening was a great success. I gave them their rifles in serial number order. I want to thank you again for all you help with this project.
My grandsons were overwhelmed with the sight of the rifles. They had no idea what was happening. GREAT EVENING.

Thanks again.

Wayne Floeck