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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

I love my Henry Big Boy 45 colt.

It has the smoothest action of any repeater I have ever seen.

Thanks for the quality you put in your rifles.

Dan Bass Wetumpka, AL

I own four Henry’s and love them. One more to go then I’ll have all of the one’s I want.

Joseph Cerasa Jr Byron, IL

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Greetings from one of your newest customers! I picked up my new H001T last evening and couldn?Äôt be more pleased. When I decided a few months ago to buy a lever action .22, I did quite a bit of research on-line and talked to some fellow gun owners about which gun to buy. I am embarrassed to admit it now, but I became convinced that the Marlin 39a was the way to go. So I tried to find one by calling all the gun shops in our area, and soon learned that the 39a is almost impossible to find. I was totally frustrated and about to give up looking when I happened to check again with a local gun shop and they told me they happened to get one in a week earlier. I drove right over to see it, fully intending to buy it, but when I took one look at it my excitement quickly vanished. The walnut on the buttstock was awful, and actually looked like light brown plastic. It didn?Äôt even come close to matching the wood on the fore end. The fit between stock and receiver was uneven and sloppy, and the action felt sticky. I knew I would forever regret buying that 39a and would never feel proud to own it or pass it on to a grandchild. I then asked to look at the Henry H001 they had in the store. The difference was incredible! The walnut was beautiful, the fit was precise, and the action silky smooth. They didn?Äôt have an H001T in stock, and I wanted the octagonal barrel, so I ordered one, hoping the walnut would be just as nice as on the H001 they had in the store. It arrived two days later, and when they opened the box, I was immediately sold. The wood was amazing! I wiped off my new Henry today, and hope to take it out to the range tomorrow. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the way you do business. Your product is top shelf, availability is almost instant, and the price you charge is fair and affordable. In today?Äôs world, that combination is almost impossible to find. Keep up the good work, and I will spread the word to as many friends, relatives and fellow gun owners as possible. My only problem is deciding which Henry to save for next!

Thanks again, you guys are doing a terrific job!

Dean E. Westman

Your 44 magnum Big Boy lever action rifle is accurate beyond belief even with open sites. I am amazed and in love with Henry rifles. Now, if your 22 magnum is more accurate than my Winchester 74…I buy only Henry Rifles forever.

Keith Cauley Monticello, UT

I have a Henry Golden Boy and now I am looking to enlarge my personal inventory. I am selling my Winchester in 44 mag to get a Henry Big Boy. You cannot compare the to rifles with each other!


Robert Van Dyke Lowville, NY

best rifles ever made

Stacy Blair Columbia City, IN

Love my goldenboy 22 l/r.. the best rifle I own!

Tony Kehagias Spring Park, MN


I have enclosed some pictures that show how accurate one of my Henry 22cal. are.This is a picture of a 308 shell with the primer shot out ,which can be done with this rifle time after time!What promted me to send this e-mail is that ,I see so many that say they can hit a penny at a certain distance with optics,but something is to be said about an excellent made rifle with iron sights!

Jamie D McAninch

I have a Henry lever action .22 and it is the best gun for the money. There is no better .22 out on the market and I plan on buying a Henry Big Boy .45 colt now.

Jake Ober New Richmond, OH

Just bought the Henry lever action .22 LR and I LOVE this gun. I will not buy another brand again!

Kody Adams Cloudcroft, NM

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato