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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Joe BankerMy new favorite gunsmith who also runs my new favorite gun store; Shooter’s Den of Georgia, a Henry Gold Dealer, mounted a Vortex Razor Red Dot sight on my .44 Magnum Big Boy Carbine. Perfect medicine for the coyotes that keep eating our chickens.

A perfect retro rifle with a little bit of high tech on top! Nothing beats a Henry!


Joe Banker

peteduganEnscribed All American Henry Repeating rifles presented on Independence Day 2016 to all of my All American grandkids. Great rifles and great kids !


Pete Dugan


Here are the photos of the rifles I was talking about. There are a 22 long rifle, 22 magnum, 17hmr, 44 Magnum, and 45 Long. The serial numbers are SRPC00001 through SRPC00005. I had the cabinet built in Rheinbeck, Germany. My friend has a custom wood shop there. The tree was older than World War II. The tree survived, the town was destroyed I thought that was neat. We also have other rifles from you guys and we love them but these will be a family heirloom forever. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Fred Jones Amsterdam, OH

kathy-purtell-2Hi Anthony,

Michigan event on 9-14-16, made $1,420 net from your donation for the NRA youth shooting programs in MI and across this nation!!

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, Field Operations Division, Volunteer Fundraising, NRA Fairfax, VA

briceballardThe Henry Military Tribute rifle went over great. We raised somewhere around $2500 raffling the rifle off.

Brice Ballard Bull City Gun Shop Alton, KS

frankgryncewiczMr. Imperato,

What would be more American then a large bore revolver on the hip and a Leaver Action on the shoulder? When our archery season ends, here in Tennessee, time to grab the hand cannon. In my opinion no one makes a finer production lever action “NONE”. I have attached an image of my new “go to gun” for this season. On top of the Leupold sits a TACTACAM video. Quite surprising was the fact the 45-70 recoil was not anywhere near what I thought it would be. On the other hand the 460 will let you know who the boss is (ha) so this long gun is tame in comparison. The other members of my hunt club are amazed, at least one is going to purchase your WS 30-30. Now this is “We The People” hunting. Video will follow up this season. Thanks again for manufacturing the best Lever Action on the market.

Frank Gryncewicz

mikesisleyDear Sir,

First, I appreciate your strong support of our military, veterans, and the Second Amendment.

Secondly, I love your firearms. I initially started with the .22 caliber. It shoots and functions flawlessly. When you came out with the 30-30 steel rifle, I got one and it worked great also. I then got the .44 magnum in sleet. Also a workhorse.

Your firearms are well made, look good, accurate, and reliable. Anyone considering buying a lever gun from overseas needs to seriously consider what they are getting. ALL of my Henry rifles sold for well below your posted MSRP. When I compared a foreign rifle with a Henry in the gun shop side by side, it was an easy decision. The Henry had better metal finishing, a smoother action, better wood furniture, AND that tubular magazine loading feature (which I like but some do not.)

Further, when I bought the .22 rifle the magazine plunger broke and you fixed the rifle for free. Service and a rock solid warranty are also reasons I keep buying Henry rifles.

Thanks so much for caring enough to stand behind your all American parts, American labor, and American values in customer service. Keep up the good work.

Mike Sisley Schertz, TX
jackwelkenbachWorshipful Jack Welkenback presented Most Worshipful Steven Boring, Past Grand Master 2015, with a Henry Rifle engraved with Masonic symbolism at the 187th Annual Grand Communication. Most Worshipful Boring is an avid sport shooter and quite accomplished.
Jack Welkenbach

paul-demunnickHello Anthony

Just wanted to tell you a short story about how much fun I am having with my Henry 22 Pump. My Henry 22 pump is my number 1 go to gun for fun. I took my Mother out target shooting and she loved it by the way this was the first time she had ever gone shooting she is now converted and understands now much fun it can be.I introduced a young couple to my Henry 22 pump and they had to get one for themselves they loved it. Just like to say thanks again and keep up the good work.

PS hope to put one of your all weather 45/70 in my future.

Paul Demunnick Summerland BC, Canada

jim-hillMr. Imperato,

We received the custom Wheeling and Lake Erie rifles that we had you make for us. I have had nothing but positive comments about them. When you add the custom embellishments to the already excellent craftsmanship of a Henry rifle you truly have a fine collector’s piece.

Thank you,

Jim Hill Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato